Golf Channel Podcast with Rex & Lav

Houston Open shows how badly PGA Tour needs more "villains"

Episode Summary

In this week's edition, the guys debate Scottie Scheffler's woulda-coulda-shoulda week in Houston, discuss if the Tour needs more polarizing villains, and lay out Chris DiMarco's tone-deaf comments about being underpaid.

Episode Notes

0:00: Scottie Scheffler comes up just short in his bid for 3 in a row

05:00: Is Scottie's Masters week made easier or harder now?

09:45: The perils of being the lone reporter in the flash area

12:00: Alejandro Tosti makes his presence felt in Houston

17:00: Polarizing personalities are really good for the game

24:00: Speaking of villains ... hello, again, Chris DiMarco

33:30: Wrapping up the rest of the week's winners, San Antonio preview

38:00: Easter Sunday for Rex & Lav ... including one golden egg