Golf Channel Podcast with Rex & Lav

Tiger's in-n-out of Genesis; Spieth's DQ highlights ancient rule

Episode Summary

Tiger Woods exited his event early because of illness, while Jordan Spieth signed an incorrect scorecard and got the boot. In this episode of the Golf Channel Podcast with Rex & Lav, the senior writers weigh in on both, as well as why this signature event didn't feel special.

Episode Notes

00:00: INTRO: Lavner from Riviera Country Club

1:00: PATTY ICE MELTS: The winless streak continues for the 54-hole leader at the Genesis

3:40: HELLO, HIDEKI: Where did Matsuyama come from? Giving props to a remarkable round and a welcome return

4:48: SPEAKING OF RETURNS …: Will Zalatoris got love from Lav, just as Rex knew he would

7:05: IN AND TIGER’S OUT: A sick Woods exits the Genesis early, but Rex will not have anyone blaspheme In-N-Out Burger

10:20: ABOUT THAT SHANK …: Tiger’s most memorable shot of the tournament nearly hit Lavner in the head

14:34: NOTHING BURGER OR A SETBACK? What does this latest WD mean for Woods’ future

18:07: SPIETH DQ: Is it time to change the incorrect-scorecard rule?

24:25: MISSING THE JUICE? This was a signature event, but it lacked energy – as felt by Lav on site and Rex at home.

28:40: RORY ON POINT? McIlroy continued to espouse his thoughts on a global tour. Is this where we are headed?

34:15: A TIME AND A PLACE: Mackenzie Hughes had an in-depth walk-and-talk on Saturday, but was that the right time to ask serious questions?

37:52: THAT’S A WRAP: Time for Lav to write, eat and head home.